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Digital serfs are workers of the twenty-first century. We aren’t quite chained to the land like our farming ancestors, but more so to the phones in our pockets and the laptops in our bags. We work hard. We value automation and tools that make us more productive. Simply put, we need and use digital technology to get our work done.

We help our clients be the masters of technology too. We're multi-disciplinary, your direction enables us. Technology, finance, analytics, product, customer and management. We look at business challenges as problems that can be broken down and solved. And we use technology, design and proven business methods to creatively solve problems and deliver desirable outcomes.

More importantly, we value relationships and focus on your people. They are key to your success too. We recognise that every business is different, so we use our flexible and experienced team to tailor services to meet your specific needs.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Get insights to drive informed decision making

We deliver personalised insights from analysing your data stores, applications and business systems.

We help business leaders uncover and better understand their data. Our service includes:

  • Meeting with you and your team to document technical architecture, systems and processes
  • Analysis of your competitors and comparative market position including benchmarking
  • Reviews of financial data to identify product margin, cash flow and profitability improvements
  • Written report and presentation of findings and recommendations
  • Establish ongoing reporting, performance metrics and dashboards for your business

Unlock insights and prepare your business for future success now.

Project Management

Project Management

Independent coordination of your projects

Are the daily needs of your business preventing you from kicking off a new project? We work with you to plan and prioritise the project, and if you need, manage it for you using agile methodologies.

For large scale projects we enlist local expert consultants based on the project requirements. This service is focused on:

  • Creation of business models and financial plans for new business
  • The roll out of new products, services, campaigns or technical systems
  • The writing or Government, Council grants and private business applications, EOIs and tenders
  • Leading business process improvement and change programs
  • Implementing and developing custom sofware to automate processes and functions

Whatever your project, we are here to help you start and finish the journey.

Project Management

Digital Transformations

Digital Transformation

Rethink, redesign and reinvigorate your business

Customers are interacting with businesses through an increasing number of digital channels. To survive, your business must have the right systems and be able to deliver great customer experiences.

We can help your business innovate and transform your existing offering by:

  • Reviewing and documenting your existing business model and product offering
  • Mapping your customer’s experience and journey
  • Redesigning and transforming existing business functions and processes to support new digital strategies
  • Implementing automated analytics and live performance reporting dashboards to track your progress
  • Training staff and implementing agile work practices to support rapid development and continuous innovation

Happy customers are what ultimately defines business success. Get your business a digital health check now.

The main digital serf.

Ryan Kris, founder & director.

Ryan Kris

Ryan Kris


Ryan is a freelance business consultant who helps startups and SMEs get things done. With a formal background in information systems and broad business management experience, Ryan works across industry implementing best practices based on client needs.

Early in his career he led the development and management of the customer service group at Internode - a leader in the early deployment of ADSL2+ in Australia. It’s here he developed his managerial skills and interest in operations, technology building, and business performance.

After nine years of building teams and managing change, he left to finish his MBA at the University of Adelaide, to travel, and to focus on his own projects.

Today, Ryan works with all kinds of SMEs, including food retailers, tourism providers, arts and entertainment groups, medical clinics, and legal practices. Delivering better business outcomes using digital technologies is Ryan’s vision for every business he works with.

If you need some help on your next project, contact Ryan at Digital Serf to explore how he and his team can help you achieve your business goals.

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